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Exercising Joint Pain Away
Tuesday, 15 June 2010 00:00

exercise_jointpainIf you suffer from joint pain you already know that doing the things you love is tough enough without adding exercise to the equation.

But, exercise is not the enemy; on contrary, it can actually be your friend. You see, regular exercise as part of an overall pain relief program can help increase circulation and the strength in painful joints for a stronger body. It's for this reason that I recommend to all my joint pain patients some form of light activity to be performed every day.

Here are some suggestions:

Aerobics - those who participate in impact sports can strengthen their bones. This is good for women who are prone to osteoporosis. Strong bones strengthen joints. Play a game of basketball or take an aerobics class. Work at your own pace and you will still see the benefit of your efforts.

Dancing - you don't have to be spinning and hopping all over the dance floor. Dancing classes like salsa, ballroom dancing, foxtrot and others are less demanding than some of the dances people are doing these days.

Ride a bicycle - bicycling provides a relaxing way to exercise. Your legs go through the full range of motion as you pedal. Adjust your bike seat so that you aren't leaning over too much and hurting your back and also so your legs get a full stretch.

Weight training - this comes up often. There are very few conditions that weight training won't help. Increasing muscle mass and strength is good for maintaining health. Muscles attach to bones and aid movement.

Walking - walking burns calories and stretches your body. Some joint pain sufferers have weight issues and walking can get that weight off to lessen the pressure on the joints as you strengthen them. Walk with comfortable shoes and on even terrain like the school track or on a treadmill. Walking on rocky or uneven ground can do more harm than good because you can fall or twist an ankle.

Those who suffer from joint pain are suddenly limited in what they can do. Fortunately, exercises can help. Moving your body will increase flexibility, strength while reducing some of the weight bearing in your joints

What is your goal?

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