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Burning Calories At Work
Tuesday, 15 March 2011 00:00

man stretchingCarpenters and factory workers have no problem getting exercise and burning calories during their workday. However, for the large population of office workers it can be a real challenge.

So how does someone who sits for most of the day burn calories and stay fit?

Here just some of the ways you can be more active while at your desk.

• Stand up and get a good stretch. Raise one arm over your head and tilt toward the opposite side for 10-15 seconds. Switch the phone to the other hand and do the same thing with the opposite side. A few repetitions will perk you right up.

• While sitting, raise each leg toward your chest using your hands to assist you. Continue as above to stretch your hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

• Stand and march in place. Don't aim for a true aerobic workout though, just get your body moving for a few minutes to increase circulation and jumpstart your metabolism. • Put your feet together and pull your legs up to be parallel with the floor. Hold for about ten seconds. Do this six or seven times to help burn calories and strengthen your quadriceps and abdominal muscles.

• Bring dumbbells to work. Keep them in a drawer for times like these when you can use them to strengthen your biceps and deltoid muscles. With your arms at your side, raise the weights by bending at the elbow. Then raise the weights toward the ceiling. Alternate this with raising the weights sideways. Go from the resting position and raise it as high as you can toward the ceiling and hold for seven to ten seconds. Repeat six or seven times for each arm.

Why not get active during your break instead of heading to the vending machines for a can of cola to drink with that bag of chips or candy bar? Consider stepping outside when the weather permits. Take a short walk around the building or parking lot to burn some calories. If it's raining or snowing and room permits, walk around inside the building.

Some companies provide exercise equipment for their employees. Consider them an employee benefit just like your 401-K make use of them.

If you work at home you have the added freedom of exercising almost anytime you like. Get up and stretch frequently. Alternate your office work time with housework and aerobic exercise to keep you from getting sluggish. Burn calories every chance you get.

It won't be long before you begin to see and feel the rewards for the positive change you've made. You'll feel better and be more productive. And don't forget that you'll reap the rewards of better sleep and a slimmer waist line.

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