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How To Tame Your Sweet Tooth
Monday, 20 June 2011 00:00

Taming_Your_Sweet_ToothSugar is good. There is no other way to say it. Just one bite and we are hooked. But, you can tame it.

Sweets spike the blood sugar and give us a rush. If you are tired, eating sugar can not only taste good but also provide the needed energy – at least for about an hour or so. The downside is that to achieve the same high again you need more sugar.

The Facts

There are misconceptions about sugar. In the body, sugar is okay in moderation. In fact, all foods are okay in moderation. It’s when we eat too much sugar that we have a problem. If you are trying to lose weight, a sweet tooth can derail you.

Ways To Tame Your Sweet Tooth

You can lose the sweet tooth without going cold turkey. In fact, cold turkey often increases our cravings for the thing that we are trying to avoid. Don’t think of it as avoiding sugar, but as trying to increase the presence of something else.

1.  Introduce protein into your diet – It is a fact that protein cuts down on cravings. It also keeps the munchies at bay. Try a small bit at first if you are not used to it. Eat boiled eggs at breakfast or a slice of cheese. Include protein at each meal.

2.  Up your fiber intake – Fiber cleans out the digestive system and also keeps you feeling full. It is hard to crave sweets with a full belly. Try whole grain breads for sandwiches, oatmeal for breakfast, and add more vegetables.

3.  Opt for natural sugars – Eating fruits that are sweet not only gives you that sweet taste, but also nutrients like vitamin A and C. For a sweeter taste, try dried fruit where the effects are concentrated. Watch out for added sugar, though. You may want to invest in your own dehydrator.

4.  Eat before you go out – This is a trick that works. Eat a small snack or protein or a salad before going out to dinner with friends or to a party. It will cut down on grazing on sweet fare.

5.  Reward yourself without food – Sometimes we reward ourselves with food for promotions and celebrations. Instead, go shopping. A reward of a trinket won’t increase your sweet tooth or your waistline.

You can tame and even lose that sweet tooth. Instead of going cold turkey, take a little time and a few steps to get it done right.
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